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Kedron is located in inner-northern Brisbane, around 5km from the CBD. Suburbs surrounding Kedron include Chermside, Nundah, Lutwyche and Wooloowin. Kedron's population was just over 11,000 at the last census (figures include neighbouring Gordon Park).

Kedron is well serviced by council busses and by road the trip into the CBD is around 15 minutes, although it can be considerably longer during peak hour. The Brisbane International and Domestic airports are within a 15 minute drive.

Local shopping centres include Lutwyche Centro and the huge Westfield Chermside. Kedron also features a number of caryards including both new and used cars.

Running through Kedron (and many other northern Brisbane suburbs) is Kedron Brook. Another notable landmark in Kedron is the large Queensland Emergency Services centre at Kedron Park.

Kedron Real Estate

There is a mixture of traditional and modern homes in Kedron, from beautiful old renovated Queenslanders through to modern homes and apartments. Parts of Kedron including the popular Avenues enjoy good views of the Brisbane CBD skyline.

Although Kerdon is well developed and there is not a great deal of new home construction in the area, the quality of some of the original old homes means that there is plenty of renovation activity happening.

There are plenty of 'timber and tin' homes in the area, which means carpenters are in hot demand. If you are getting your old Queenslander renovated, make sure your chippie has a carpenters insurance policy in place. It will give you peace of mind in case something goes wrong on the build.

Kedron is a great place to live, and the opportunity to buy or renovate one of the beautiful old homes in the area is definitely worth considering.

Kedron Business

As with many inner city areas, Kedron has a thriving small business community. For these businesses it is important to have adequate business insurance in place.

We can recommend Public Liability Qld for information on public liability and other forms of business insurance.


Anyone who has passed through Kedron recently will be aware of the huge amount of work happening on the roads and infrastructure.

Kedron will soon have its own bus stations allowing residents to quickly and easily make their way in and out of the Brisbane CBD using the new northern busway.

Kedron is already considered to be an inner-city suburb, but this new public transport link will make feel even closer to the city for local residents and businesses.

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